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About SS Willis Boyer

In the shadow of the Toledo skyline, moored alongside the rolling landscape of International Park, a splash of history and romance await you aboard the museum ship S.S. Willis B. Boyer.

Retiring in 1980, and opened as a museum in 1987, the S.S. WILLIS B. BOYER serves as a floating testament to Toledo's rich maritime heritage. Authentic restoration allows all who visit to witness the proud lifestyle experienced by centuries of Great Lakes sailors. Come experience the "golden age" of Great Lakes shipping aboard the largest museum ship on the inland seas.

The S.S. Willis B. Boyer is available to rent for almost any occasion. With her scenic view of the Toledo skyline and storied maritime environment, the Boyer sets a serene and romantic stage for every event. Please become a part of our ship's history as you write your own.

Hours of Operation

OPEN: May 1 - Oct. 31
7 days a week

Monday - Saturday 10-5pm
Sunday Noon-5pm

CLOSED for season: Nov. 1 - Apr. 30
* No tickets sold after 4pm
* Hours subject to change. Please call ahead.

* Guided group tours (20 person minimum) available!

* For Tour and Group Information, Special Openings, and Private Parties Please Call: (419) 936-3070

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Location :

International Park 26 Main Street Toledo, Ohio 43605

Contact :