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About SylvaniaVET

Veterinarian Services

We have a Registered Veterinary Technician and an assistant in the building all night with your pet. You may call our office at 419-885-4421 to speak with our Registered Vet Tech 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We answer our own phones and you will never have to speak with an answering service. Our overnight technician will answer your questions, and help you determine if this is an emergency. The Technician may have you come in so the problem can be assessed. If indicated or necessary, the Technician will then contact the on-call doctor.

If you arrive at the hospital and the doors are locked, we have a paging phone next to the door. Just pick it up and follow the instructions and one of our overnight staff will get on the line to help you.

If your pet is boarded or needs to be hospitalized, isn't it great to know that it is never alone?

A unique feature of our 24-hour service is the fact that we allow clients to visit their hospitalized pet 24/7. We have even had a few clients spend the night with their ill or injured pet.


All dogs and cats are brushed, bathed, massaged, blown dry, trimmed, nails trimmed, anals expressed, ears plucked and cleaned and teeth checked at each visit.

If any pet is with us over 3-4 hours they are walked and given water and a snack.

Hydrosurge warm water massage baths are available and are doing more than keeping our grooming clients clean. Older pets' sore, stiff joints and muscles may actually feel better after their hydrosurge bath. We have discovered that older pets with stiff, achy muscles or joints are more comfortable after a hydrosurge session. Many pets that hated baths seem more cooperative and willing to be bathed now that they are getting a hydrosurge bath. Pets with crusty, scaly, infected skin respond to treatment quicker with a hydrosurge medicated bath.

Our groomers also offer a technique called carding to help remove excess hair from pets to dramatically reduce the amount of hair they lose around the house.

We have three groomers that provide excellent service six days a week. Grooming is by appointment. They will make every effort to accommodate the most difficult request. The groomers work with the doctors and techs when a difficult pet needs to be sedated. This is only done with your approval. We will groom pets that have been refused by other groomers.

Pet Boarding

A vacation for your pet! SylvaniaVET offers state-of-the-art accommodations for your pet while you are away.

The cat and dog boarding facilities are in completely separate parts of the building. Boarding dogs and cats never mix with hospital patients. The exception is a guest that requires medical attention while in our care. Pets with problems like kidney failure, diabetes, and seizures can be admitted as boarding medical care. These pets receive the same supervision as all of our medical-surgical patients. No other area boarding facility can provide this level of care. Extra fees may apply for boarding medical care.

Additional Information

All overnight boarding pets receive a complimentary professional exam by our Registered Veterinary Technicians. Our boarders are fed Science Diet, or Iams Low Residue. However we will feed any diet that you provide. We suggest you provide portion control portions so we feed an amount your pet is accustomed too. Special diets and/or medications are given at no extra charge when provided by the owner.

In addition to overnight boarding we offer our Never Home Alone program. This is our "pet sitting" service, ideal for families that have a puppy or kitten that shouldn't be home alone all day. Other reasons to use this service may be an adult dog with too much energy to be quiet all day, pets with separation anxiety, older dogs that just can't go all day anymore without making a mistake, post-surgical cases and frequent dose medical care. We will feed the pet, give it a mid-day snack, take it outside, administer medications if necessary, and give it attention and exercise. Never Home Alone offers a special daily rate for up to a 10 hour stay.

Hospital hours and boarding hours are the same. Boarders will be charged the boarding rate for the next day when check-out time is after closing. Special drop off and pick up times can be prearranged and must be scheduled.

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