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Aussie Pet Mobile of Toledo

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Aussie Pet Mobile provides a 15 Step mobile grooming Spa Treatment for your DOGS & CATS! WE COME TO YOU! to groom your pet at your doorstep. Our Luxurious Groom includes: Eye Cleaning - Nail Clipping - Brushing out Knots & Debris, Shampoo, 1st Rinse, Ear Cleaning, Brushing out Loose Hair, 2nd Rinse, Pet friendly High Velocity Water Blower that takes the majority of the water from your pet's coat, Blow Dry, Hand Wash & Towel Dry, Brush Out, Deodorize, ending up with a ribbon or bow & if allowed, a special treat for your pet!

We also offer other services: De-Shedding treatment, Aloe Skin treatment, Pad treatment, Shave-Downs, Puppy Cuts, Clips, Flea & Tick Shampoos, Frontline, Teeth brushing, Therapeutic Shampoos, De-Skunking and all our products are Bio-Degradable, Eco Friendly & Natural.

Why do pet owners love Aussie Pet Mobile?
  1. Aussie Pet Mobile is the number one pet grooming business in the world.
  2. Aussie Pet Mobile is a mobile service. We come to you, so you don't have to subject your pet to the stress of being taken to a groom shop, locked in a cage and left all day surrounded by other noisy animals.
  3. Some pets are very nervous around new people. Since Aussie Pet Mobile comes to your home or work, you can stay with your pet if you wish.
Aussie Pet Mobile Aussie Pet Mobile


Just like humans, dogs and cats require regular grooming to stay healthy. Without regular bathing, pets are more susceptible to ringworms and mites, as well as to infections in the nose, mouth, eyes and ears. Matted or unbrushed fur can pull uncomfortably on skin and lead to hot spots; improper nail care can lead to early arthritis.


Your Puppy's first groom should occur after they have had their first puppy shots. This is typically when they reach 16 weeks. A professional introduction to grooming will be positive as well as enjoyable for your puppy.


Ideally, cat grooming begins when your cat is a kitten. Grooming becomes part of their routine more easily at a younger age. Grooming can help avoid potential problems & health risks, such as mites & fleas, hairballs and more.

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