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About Let the Fur Fly


Dog-grooming at Let The Fur Fly includes bath, nail trim, anal glands, ears cleaned and plucked, and your choice of haircut. Healthy skin, hair, nails and teeth are what define a well-groomed dog. Dog grooming is essential for the appearance of a dog for personal or showing purposes. Not only does it help cut down on shedding and smelling, but will also lead to a healthier dog with healthy skin, hair, nails and teeth. Grooming is also a great way to cut down on allergies and infections for both pets and their owners. Also, we use all Natural Shampoos (Tropiclean Products), No Tranquilizers, and No Chemical Flea Dips.

We carry NuVet products and you can save with us! Just call 1(800)474-7044 to place your order or order online (NuVet.com), use our sales ID # 55155 to receive great discounts on all your pet needs, click the image to the right to save

Come see Shannon Miller: Owner and Dog Groomer, Mindy Dilley: Co-Owner and Dog Groomer, & Lesa Strayer: Dog Groomer

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2423 N. Reynolds Rd Toledo, OH, 43615

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  • (419) 578-7301