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About Bassett Health Foods

Bassett's Health Foods is a family-owned and operated business, serving Toledo and the northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan areas since 1967.

Joe and Pat Bassett have been in the health food industry for going on forty years. From their humble beginnings in a 350 square foot shop, to the 4,000 square feet of store space they oversee today, Joe and Pat have become Toledo's go-to team for a healthier lifestyle.

Meet Our Staff

Owner Joe Bassett

Joe is a certified Touch for Health Instructor and massage therapist trained in Reiki. A founding member of the NINE and Citizens for Health, the former president of the NNFA and the Mid-American Health Association; he's served on the boards of Citizens for Health (former chairman), Dr's Jensen's Iridology Board, the National Food Merchandiser Advisory Board and the National Health Federation. He also hosts "Nutritionally Speaking" on Sunday mornings at 8:30am on WSPD 1370AM.

Owner Pat Bassett

Pat supervises the full- and part-time employees at the couple's two stores. Active as well, Pat has taught classes alongside her husband in the areas of nutrition, iridology and Touch for Health. Pat manages the stores, handling the ordering and stocking of the stores, and dispensing much-needed advice and information to the customers as well as the staff. She has also managed Joe, for going on 44 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry HCG?

Yes. We have HCG along with all your nutritional needs

Can I order your products online?

Yes. Use the Shop Bassett's link on the left navigation bar.

What if I can't find the product I want online?

Bassett's Health Foods carries over 40,000 products. Chances are, we do have what you are looking for. Come in to the store, and our staff will do their best to help you find exactly what it is you need. If we don't carry it, we can special order it for you. Of course, you could call first at (419) 531-8787 if you wanted to save yourself the trip.

Can you give me medical advice?

We can only tell you about what we know has worked for people in the past. There is no substitute for the advice of your physician. What's the most effective product you carry for bodybuilding/weight loss/etc.? Everyone is different, and therefore there is no one best product for any particular condition or goal. However, we can tell you what has worked for others in the past. In addition, our research library is chock full of information to help you make your purchasing decisions.

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Location :

3344 Secor Rd. Toledo, Ohio 43606

Contact :

  • (419) 531-0334