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About Ginos Pizza

Welcome to The Original Gino's Pizza!

We provide you with the BEST pizza in the Toledo area. Pizza made with love and from tradition.

Our special home recipes and freshest ingredients are combined to create the best pizza, pasta, and subs. No shortcuts are taken when preparing our food. All day long we simmer sauces, boil pastas, and make enough dough so you can enjoy the delicious homemade taste every day. Enjoy!

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"The story began in the old White Hut Hamburg location at the corner of Monroe Street and Central Avenue - an area affectionately known as 'The Colony' in Toledo, Ohio. The year was 1955 and the world was ready for change. A young man with the odd name of Elvis was shocking folks with his outrageous gyrations and wild music, cars were becoming much more than a way to get around, and Toledoans were first tasting the strange but delicious new food called Pizza. A few months after Gino's Pizza opened, it was sold to Steve Sparks. Throughout the years, Steve brought his three brothers and their wives into the business, and Gino's Pizza became a favorite destination for hungry people from miles around.


3981 Monroe St., Toledo

26597 N. Dixie Hwy, Perrysburg

1280 W. Alexis Road, Toledo

2670 Woodville Rd., Northwood

449 W Dussel, Maumee

5307 Monroe Street, Toledo

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3981 Monroe St., Toledo, OH, 43606

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