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About Buck Brothers

About Us

Buck Asphalt Pavers, Inc. was originally started in 1950 by George Buck and his sons, George Buck II and Bob Buck. The company paved asphalt driveways and parking lots until 1984 when each of George's children had grown children of their own. At that time George Buck II's sons started their own company called Allied Paving Co, Inc. while Bob Buck's sons, Mike and Mitch Buck, started their own company called Buck Bros. Asphalt. Both of which continue to operate successfully today. Growing up in the business, Chad and Brad Buck, sons of Mike Buck, realized there was a niche in the maintenance of asphalt and believed they could provide a quality job and service to customers in Toledo and surrounding areas. So, in 1997, Chad and Brad created Buck Brothers, L.L.C. Asphalt Maintenance, specializing in the sealcoating and crack filling of driveways, parking lots, and tennis courts. Today Buck Brothers, L.L.C. has grown considerably and was even voted as one of the Top 100 sealcoating companies in the USA by Pavement Magazine in 2002 and 2003.

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Read what people are saying about our service

Outstanding service! You left a note quoting a price. I called to ask for the work to be done. You told me what to expect in terms of time and procedure. You said you would call ahead. Everything you said you would do ...you did!

The driveway looks the best it has looked since it was paved many years ago. Nice job! You also have a very informative website.
Thanks for the excellent service.

I'll call you again in two years. The driveway looks real nice. Thank you.

Thank you for being so careful about the new cement at our house and the grass. It was a nice clean job.

Asphalt Maintenance

Beware of the "Scam Artists"

You may be the next victim of the asphalt sealcoat scam. Artists who knock on your door and tell you "they've got enough materials left over to seal your asphalt." As soon as you hear that line, you know you're not dealing with a reputable contractor, and believe it or not, many "scam artists" actually charge more than reputable professionals do! All too often, their products don't last very long and could actually damage your pavement!

Why take unnecessary risks? Buck Brothers, L.L.C. applies the highest quality, longest lasting products available and reasonable prices. That means outstanding value to our customers. Remember, your best defense against scam artists is to keep your pavement in tip-top shape and they won't bother knocking on your door!

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