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Your Chimney...Dangerous Creosote can Destroy everything you've worked for...

Creosote is a hard coal like buildup, as it ages it "Oils Out". This oily substance can ignite and hold flame, this will produce a series of explosions in the chimney system, as it receives oxygen. This is called a "Chimney Fire". This fire (series of explosions) in the chimney system can break apart chimney tiles or separating metal prefab chimney. The explosions or severe rumbling in the chimney system can elevate internal chimney temperatures well above 2100 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Much Heat is This?

Well high quality stainless steel kindles at about 1850 degrees Fahrenheit, that means it burns at this temperature. A glass blower manipulates molten glass at about 1950 degrees Fahrenheit. So this extreme internal temperature can evaluate chimney external temperatures well above the kindling temperature of the home's wood framing.

What you need to do!

#1: Wood Stove or Wood Burning Insert chimney should be swept and expected after every (1) cord of wood burnt.

#2: Open Faced Fireplaces should be swept and inspected after every (1) 2 cords burnt.

#3: Chimney Cleaners/Chemicals or Cleaner Logs ARE NOT a replacement to sweeping. These products only make it easier to sweep the creosote!

Danger!: If a chimney has been exposed to a chimney fire, NOT USE! Until it has been inspected, serviced, repaired, replaced, or deemed safe by a Certified Service Agency qualified in the chimney field.

The use of a damaged chimney is potentially 100 times less safe than an undamaged chimney.

(1) A cord of wood is measured 4ft. deep X 4ft. wide. A typical face cord rick is 18in. deep X 4ft. tall X 8ft. wide, it take 3-4 ricks to make a cord. A pick up truck load usually equals a rick or less.

We do sell the equipment to sweep your own chimney, and the chemicals to make this job easier. We do have the expertise to instruct you in proper chimney sweeping. Metal prefab chimney requires a plastic poly brush, and a tile chimney requires a metal wire/metal bladed brush.

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