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About Piasecki Service

Emergency Roadside Assistance Guidelines

Emergency Roadside Assistance will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is intended to assist any FanClubCard.com member whose vehicle has become unavoidably disabled due to malfunction, accident or vandalism and cannot, under its own power, be safely driven to a place of repair or safety. Emergency Roadside Assistance is limited to making the vehicle operable at roadside if possible, or towing it to a repair facility.

Services will be provided to the FanClubCard.com member even if he/she is a passenger in a vehicle that qualifies for service.

Services Included and Policies
  1. Mechanical First Aid
    This service includes minor adjustments that may safely be made by the contractor's service driver to place it in an operable condition, enabling it to be safely driven to a place of repair. The reliability of such adjustments cannot be guaranteed, and members are advised to immediately proceed to a place of repair and to consult a service technician.
  2. Battery Service
    An attempt to start the vehicle with a booster battery or other available means.
  3. Towing
    Towing a properly licensed disabled vehicle or a vehicle involved in an accident that cannot be started and/or placed in a safe operating condition. See Exclusive offer for more details.
  4. Tire Service
    In case of a flat tire, the FanClubCard.com member's inflated spare tire is installed on the vehicle. If no inflated spare is available, the member may have the vehicle towed in accordance with the towing provisions. Tire service does not include tire repairs.
  5. Fuel Delivery
    An emergency supply of fuel is delivered, enabling the FanClubCard.com member to reach the nearest service station. The FanClubCard.com member is charged for fuel at current pump prices. If necessary, towing to a facility where fuel is available is provided, in accordance with tow policy.
  6. Lockout Service
    If keys are locked inside a vehicle, service to be sent in an attempt to gain access. In cases where the vehicle cannot be made operable, towing service is to be provided in accordance with towing provisions.
  7. Extrication/Winching
    When a vehicle is stuck, it is extricated/winched if it can be reached safely from a firm surface, driveway, etc. If special equipment, extra manpower or vehicles are required, the associated cost may be charged to the FanClubCard.com member.

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