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Loyalty programs are a popular way for businesses to increase sales and customer loyalty. Today however, there are so many different kinds of loyalty cards available to consumers that some businesses may find it difficult and expensive to offer new value through a loyalty card.

Statistics show that 70% of American households use a loyalty card and 83% of those households use that card every time they shop. The FanClubCard can increase your sales and lower your marketing costs.

Increase sales – Market research proves that consumers shop more at places that offer rewards or incentives.

Improve marketing approach – Our system provides demographic based marketing information that can be used for successful target-marketing methods; much more effective than other mass-advertising mediums.

Competitive advantage – Our consumers have a vested interest in shopping at your store. This advantage could be what sets you ahead of your competition.

Corporate image – Consumers love to shop at stores that show interest in more that just their bottom line; your aid will be recognized as crucial in making your community’s visions become a reality!

How it Works:
Become a FanClubCard partnering business by appearing on our website and providing members with an exclusive incentive to shop at your store.

Let FanClubCard users know that you now accept the card by posting a FanClubCard logo outside your store. Begin using the powerful advertising tools the FanClubCard can offer your business.

What do I get?
You get great exposure in a number of venues, access to a huge potential customer base, the opportunity to create loyal patrons, and an eager-to-buy target audience.

Question: Is there a limit on how often the FanClubCard can be used?
Answer: No, tphe better the incentive, the more loyalty you will receive.

Question: Is there any way to track the usage?
Answer: FanClubCards come with unique member numbers, Barcodes and programmable magnetic strips. So if you want to track usage, we make it easy.

Question: Do I have to add any software?
Answer: No, there are absolutely no software or hardware add-ons.

Sign-up Now:
Signing up for the FanClubCardCard is quick, easy and rewarding. For very little cost you can begin to create customer loyalty, give back to your community and take your business to a new level.

Click here to sign up now!

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