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There are many charities and organizations that need financial help. Our goal is to create a way for consumers, businesses and charities to work together in a way that is beneficial to everyone. Whether you are a neighborhood church, local school or association, we strive to help your organization raise the money necessary to do its important work.

If you are tired of doing fundraiser after fundraiser and still not generating enough money to do your work then FanClubCard is right for you. We offer a fundraiser that continuously works for you by generating revenue year after year!

Why FanClubCard?

There are hundreds of fundraisers to choose from and all of them suffer from the same two issues: They don't make enough money and they are too labor intensive. Most fundraisers just don't work.

How does FanClubCard.com work?

FanClubCard solicites local and national merchants to offer enormous deals to FanClubCard.com members. By presenting their card at participating merchants, members get huge savings. Organizations like yours sell FanClubCards for $20. You keep $10 for each card sold. Members love the deals, so they sign up every year. Each time your supporters rejoin, your organization gets another $10! We understand that your organization has important work to do. We want you to be able to focus on that work and we will handle the fundraising. You sell, we ship direct. It's that simple.

FanClubCard is the best of all possibilities. It is easy to use and can raise significant amounts of money. It is available all year long. So no sales deadlines. Most importantly, it is the fundraiser that never stops funding.

  • No start up costs - We provide all the sales material.
  • No bulky books or catalogs to store or retrieve.
  • No intensive volunteer or staff labor.
  • No deadlines - sell year 'round!
  • No hassles - We do all shipping directly to your supporters.
All you have to do is:
  • Become a FanClubCard Partnering Organization.
  • Sell the cards to people who support you.
  • Encourage supporters to tell their friends to buy a card.

FanClubCard will provide marketing information and a strategy on how to help your supporters become members and use their FanClubCard.

Sign up now:
The sign-up process is quick, easy, rewarding and free. Sign-up today and start the fundraiser that never stops funding!

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