Fraternal Order of Police

Our Mission
To combat hunger and poverty in our community by providing food assistance, educational resources, and opportunities for local law enforcement it interact with underprivileged youth, seniors, and families in need in a positive and meaningful way.

During the Christmas “ Cop N Kids Shop with a Cop”, you are helping provide children with warm winter clothing and a few gifts. This program unites under privileged children throughout our area with local law enforcement officers. Together, they spend time at an area store building a bond that can last a lifetime. These experiences have a lasting impact on both the children and the officers.
The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 40 started the Shop with a Cop Christmas program in 2009 with 50 children. Over the last five years, the program has grown to include a back to school and Christmas shopping trips and has added over 200 children per year. As word of the program spreads through our community, more and more families request to participate. Your contribution allows us to prevent turning children away this holiday.

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