Northwest Ohio Toys for Tots

The Marine Toys for Tots Program has been delivering a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters since 1947. Read inspirational stories about how Marine Toys for Tots has delivered Christmas to less-fortunate children in your community.

Our 832 Coordinators worked tirelessly to deliver over 24.4 million toys, books, and games to nearly 9.9 million children this past year. The hard work and dedication to the Program and the Toys for Tots mission doesn’t go unseen, and each of our Coordinators brought tremendous joy to the less fortunate children in our great Nation. We wanted to give our supporters the opportunity to share their appreciation as well—and we were overwhelmed by the love that was sent!

Over 97% of your donation goes directly to our mission of providing toys, books, and other gifts to less fortunate children. The 3% spent on support principally covers fundraising expenses — not one donated dollar goes to salaries or any other manpower costs.

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