Soup Train Presented by Eats With Ella

From American Idol to Stadium Concerts

Her Food Brings People Together…including Rock Stars like . . .
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Elton John, Billy Joel,
Lady Antebellum, and more…

What does a chef who cooks for the entertainment industry do when she is suddenly put on hiatus? She cooks – of course – and shares her talent and love of food by cooking and giving back to her local Toledo community. With the “Soup Train”, Ella goes from “feeding the stars feeding those people who may have fallen from the stars.”. She is now firing up her stove at home and sharing her culinary creations with others by hosting cooking show / classes via Facebook Live.

The gratitude of those who are less fortunate has warmed Dudek’s heart and reaffirmed her commitment to spreading love and paying it forward to others who need the help of an angel named Ella thus feeding hundred per week through “Soup Train”.

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